Artisan Product

Our lemons are harvested, but above all peeled, strictly by hand. This is where our particularity becomes concrete: if hand-picking already leads to a first selection of the best fruits, chosen with care and attention, it is precisely in the peeling by hand that the double quality selection is made.

This guarantees a much more accurate and precise screening of the lemons that the machines wouldn’t ensure; if during the hand-picking some smaller or lesser quality lemons are harvested, it is certain that during the manual peeling operations they will be discarded. Furthermore, the peeling carried out by hand will be so precise as to make the peel that will be obtained very thin, ensuring the selection of its best part, full of essential oils, carefully avoiding to affect the white part, called albedo or improperly crumb, which could lead to a bitter taste, rather unpleasant on the palate, the final product. All these operations are carried out following the Sorrento tradition by peasants who, immersed in this world since always, know every secret for their best success, starting with the so-called "scalar" harvest, that is a harvest that doesen’t happen in a single stroke: lemons are in fact harvested only when deemed ready, while the smaller and not yet suitable ones are still left to grow.

The harvest traditionally begins between February and March and ends in September, and is characterized by the constant and more or less massive presence of lemons on the trees in this period of time; it is not, therefore, an intensive harvest but rather a respectful harvest of the natural timing of the flowering of the plants. The best flowering is from March to June, which will lead to the harvest in September and October of the so-called Primofiore, and, in the period from November to May, of the Marzani, undoubtedly the most prized lemons. Our land extends over 4 hectares, or 40,000 square meters and the lemon trees present are about 600, half of which are destined for the production of our artisanal limoncello.

Drink Responsibly

The Villa Beatrice limoncello is a tribute to the flavors of the Mediterranean, to tradition, to craftsmanship. A concentrate of taste and pleasure to be tasted in peace and in moderation. Consumption is recommended for adults and responsible people.