The infusion of the peels in ethyl alcohol, as mentioned, takes place immediately after peeling by hand and lasts no less than 10 days: this allows the essential oils contained in the peels to be totally absorbed until they completely lose their typical yellow color and become completely white.

Normally, within 10 days, the peels discharge all the essential oils into ethyl alcohol, giving the infusion their bright color and in turn assuming a rigidity that denotes the completion of the process. This process is controlled and monitored day by day until it is completed, and can obviously extend beyond 10 days (without however ever falling below this period) based, as mentioned, on the color and rigidity of the peels.

This care and attention to detail, dedicated to the infusion process, are only possible in a handcrafted product with a very limited edition that doesn’t follow the rules and timing of mass market items produced on a large scale; therefore, as mentioned, even where the infusion process requires a time exceeding 10 days, from time to time, it will be granted a further margin of appropriate time for its completion. All this gives the final product a very intense and persistent aroma, as well as a full and bright yellow color, without the use of dyes.

Drink Responsibly

The Villa Beatrice limoncello is a tribute to the flavors of the Mediterranean, to tradition, to craftsmanship. A concentrate of taste and pleasure to be tasted in peace and in moderation. Consumption is recommended for adults and responsible people.