The infusion of the thin peels in ethyl alcohol takes place immediately after peeling by hand, within a few hours of harvesting. All this guarantees the absolute freshness of the product, evidenced by the fact that during the period from the beginning of October to the end of January our production stops.

Working only with fresh lemons (and never frozen) it could therefore happen that in this period the availability of our limoncello is lacking, also given our very limited production. However, this aspect is of great pride for us, as we prefer to guarantee the absolute quality, freshness and genuineness of our limoncello even at the expense of its availability throughout the year. Each production batch of our limoncello therefore requires a long and tiring day of work, which starts from the harvest from 5 to 12 in the morning for a total of about 550 kilos of lemons which are then loaded very fresh on a truck and taken to the distillery. about 30 kilometers away;

once arrived, the lemons are immediately unloaded and washed with plenty of water and cleaned with rubber brushes to finally start peeling by hand, which lasts up to five hours. Once this process is completed, the peels are immersed in pure ethyl alcohol for high quality food use, at no less than 96 degrees. This process, which begins and ends within a single day, testifies to the absolute freshness of the product.

Drink Responsibly

The Villa Beatrice limoncello is a tribute to the flavors of the Mediterranean, to tradition, to craftsmanship. A concentrate of taste and pleasure to be tasted in peace and in moderation. Consumption is recommended for adults and responsible people.