First of all, we don’t buy lemons from third parties, but we only use those grown and produced on our farm in Sorrento, on the Casarlano hill, without the use of artificial fertilizers.

This allows us to get to know our fruits one by one, from flowering to harvest and to guarantee their absolute quality. The hilly location of our company is ideal for growing lemon trees, placed on terraces facing the sea and protected by the same hill from cold winds. The cultivation method we use is the ancient Sorrentine method which alternates the typical pergola and the centuries-old olive trees covering the lemons. In fact, the olive trees, more robust than the delicate lemons, protect them from the winter weather by acting as a natural pergola. This method follows the most ancient Sorrento tradition which, having been handed down to us, we continue to respect and use jealously.

The terraced arrangement of the land on the hill is fully exploitable for the success of a cultivation that respects the right spacing between one tree and another, which is never less than three meters. As is known, lemons don’t particularly like low temperatures and our best allies in the cultivation of this extraordinary fruit are both our predominantly temperate geographical position for almost the whole year, and precisely the location of the trees at least three meters away from each other. Them which allows the sun's rays to adequately heat them and their foliage to grow luxuriantly. Finally, the very nature of the soil is ideal for the cultivation of lemons, preferring the latter with a slightly acidic pH and rich in organic substances that are not strongly clayey or calcareous or saline like ours.

Drink Responsibly

The Villa Beatrice limoncello is a tribute to the flavors of the Mediterranean, to tradition, to craftsmanship. A concentrate of taste and pleasure to be tasted in peace and in moderation. Consumption is recommended for adults and responsible people.