Our artisanal limoncello doesn’t contain additives, preservatives, dyes, thickeners, or added flavors, including natural ones, such as ascorbic acid.

The latter is commonly called "vitamin C powder" and is frequently used in many products such as energy drinks or simply carbonated and often also in some types of infusion liqueurs, but, even if natural, it is indubitable that its addition alters the genuineness of the product and its aroma. Usually, the addition of ascorbic acid is carried out just when the quantity of lemon or other citrus fruit isn’t sufficient to express the organoleptic characteristics of aroma or flavor that one would like to achieve. In the case of our artisanal limoncello, however, given above all the quantity and freshness of the lemons used, as well as the fidelity to an ancient and peasant recipe, this addition would be superfluous if not harmful.

We are particularly interested in highlighting that there are elements that express, even from an exclusively visual point of view, the naturalness and craftsmanship of our product: in fact, where our bottle is kept immobile for some time, there could be an outcrop on the neck of lemon essential oils and sometimes even a sediment at the bottom of the bottle itself. These processes are absolutely natural and testify to the quality, genuineness and craftsmanship of our limoncello. In fact, every infusion liqueur in which no preservative is added presents this type of phenomenon. However, these processes of surfacing and sediment, which could be unsightly for some, are easily eliminated by shaking the bottle slightly before pouring its contents.

Drink Responsibly

The Villa Beatrice limoncello is a tribute to the flavors of the Mediterranean, to tradition, to craftsmanship. A concentrate of taste and pleasure to be tasted in peace and in moderation. Consumption is recommended for adults and responsible people.